Los Pirineos Coffee Farm

Information of Los Pirineos Coffee Farm


General Information:

Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range, on the Santa Ana Volcano(Ilamatepec) close to the Coatepeque Lake, Department of Santa Ana, jurisdiction of Santa Ana, Canton Flor Amarilla

Blooming: from February to April.

Month of Harvest: From November to February.

Name of the Farm: Finca Los Pirineos

Elevation:  1,400 meters above sea level

Coffee Mill Type: Wet mill Cooperativa de Cafetaleros La Majada de R.L. Wash and semi-wash


Coffee Variety: Portillo, Pacamara, bourbon, pacas and Caturra.

Type of Soil: Fertile volcano sandy loam

Temperature/average climate: Between 20 to 30 C

Average rainfall: 2,000 to 2,500 mm per year

Types of shade: Ingas

Shade density: 25-40%

Crop Conditions: Traditional 30% under shade

Flora and Fauna Types present:

    • Vegetation: coniferous native to the area, advocado trees, jocote corona trees and different types of ingas.


  • Animals: rabbits, armadillos, reptiles, squirrels, deer, birds and others.

Fertilization methods: Primarly use Urea and Formula NPK  and We use Vermicompost applied to soil and foliar.

Applications of herbicides: We are trying not to use any herbicides and pesticides.

Processing type: Wash

Type of fermentation: Natural  fermentation

Coffee Producer information: The farm is own by the Portillo Family and is been ours since late 70´s We are in the coffee business thanks to our grandfather Salvador Portillo and to our father Ing. Felix Canizales Acevedo thanks to him We start planting the Portillo variety, this variaty is Roya fungus disease resistant and have a very good cupping,  in the late 80´s and now thanks to it We are in the special coffee business. We are trying to improve the coffee farming  and production.  

Some pictures from the farm

Coatepeque Lake

coffee cherries

coffee flowers















You can contact us at fc1@becomecoffeesmart.com or www.facebook.com/becomecoffeesmart



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