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Have you ever wondered what kind of coffee Are you drinking?, Where does this coffee come from?, Is it of good quality?, What a gourmet coffee is? or what is the specialty coffee?, etc. There are many questions that at a certain moment we can ask ourselves about what we are drinking.

Today we are going to clear all the doubts about it and so you can choose to better when it comes to drinking or choosing the coffee you get in this post you will learn how choose the best coffee for you.

In coffee there are many ways to classify coffee, for example: by the area where it is coming from, by the height, by its way of cultivation, by how is this coffee processing, or by its quality. In this case we will be based on quality.

For coffee to be classified as specialty or gourmet, it must meet certain requirements, so to speak, but what are they?


Requirement to classified as gourmet coffee…

These requirements may vary from place to place but in general, they are the most accepted worldwide.

  • Quality from its cultivation. It must be planted at more than 1000 masl (meters above sea level), taking care since they are baby plants, with several fertilizers per year, it must also be of varieties that give that quality as: bourbon, catuai, pacamara, portillo, geisha, etc. And it should be cut at its optimum ripeness point and only the ripe coffee, doing a hand cleaning leaving only the big and good grain.
  • Quality in processing. When the coffee is received in the coffee mills it must be processed separately to avoid contamination of lower coffees, it is classified only grain on screen 16 and above, and then it is classified to remove all the defects and thus be able to taste it to see if it is special coffee or not.
  • Cupping. Once the coffee is processed and dried until a relative humidity of 12% is reach, Then start the cupping process and is carried out to verify that it is really a specialty or gourmet coffee, it must have a note greater than 85 between the nearest 100, and the taster highlights the organoleptic qualities of the coffee. As: aroma, flavor, aftertaste, balance, and special flavors that can be found like: chocolate, frutal, flowers, etc. once the taster approves the batch as specialty coffee must keep the record of the note and all the information to show it and have samples.
  • Now for the Association of specialty coffees (SCAA) for its acronym in English for a coffee to be classified as special must meet in the preparation 0 primary defects, up to 5 secondary defects.
  • Traceability. It is important to know where the coffee comes from, or as it says: “From the tree to the cup”, each part of the process must be identified so that the end customer has a great experience when tasting their cup of coffee. Everything is reduced to that, the final experience.

These are the 3 basic things for a coffee to be gourmet, now what is a coffee defect? and Why they are so important in the quality of it.

Coffee defects, what is this?

When we talk about defects are certain things that are known worldwide, these are standards that everyone in coffee processing should know about. They have been listed in primary and secondary defects:

The primary defects are: black grain (full black), grain vinegar (full sour), dry cherry (Pod / cherry), large stones (large stones), medium stones, long sticks (large sticks), medium sticks (medium sticks) The secondary defects are: parchment, husk, broken grain, insect damage, partial black, floater, shell, small stones. small stones), small sticks (small sticks) and damaged by water (water damage). In the picture below you can see the defects we were talking about:

In the picture below you can see how many of these defects are aprove to be a gourmet coffee:


Where you do that?

You check this defects before you roast the coffee because if you left them could affect the coffee quality. These part of the process happen in the coffee mill before exporting the coffee as a customer need

Now each part of the process is critical and in each one it can fail, that is why it is important that each person make an effort so that the clients can taste a cup of great quality coffee.

When all this is achieved, the quality in the coffee cup changes in an hasty manner, everything improves exponentially. That’s why gourmet coffee is more expensive but we make sure of an incredible quality. And all these is making by hand there is no machine to do it.


Make sure you always buy a gourmet coffee to have a real great experience, and remember all the process the coffee had before you drink it, there are a lot of people involve from the coffee farmers to the coffee shops, believe a lot of people and they have a passion for it. Here we have an example a gourmet coffee:

Hawaiian Kau Coffee

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  1. I think quality in processing is really important. so it can avoid contamination. However, how can I understand whether a specific coffee has quality processing or not?

  2. Nice post!
    I have zero problems paying for quality coffee. However, after reading some scary stats on what happens after the beans are picked and roasted, I have to wonder about the after quality.
    I have read that some coffee sits around for a long time and develops mold spores and other unhealthy toxins.
    What is the best way to find quality, healthy coffee that I can trust? What are your thoughts on this problem?

    • Thank you Irma I have some companies I trust and they sell high quality coffee I left one in the post is kona coffee from hawai click there and you can get a really good deal there

  3. Thank you for introducing me to gourmet coffee. As a coffee addict I’m always interested in learning more about this very addictive plant. I like that it has to be planted separately from others and 1000 masl. This definitely gives it the upper hand against other coffee plants since the seeds are hand picked and chosen accordingly for the best ones. Great article, I’ll be back for more.

    • of course and thanks for your comments We are really glad that our articles are helping people to understand better about the coffee world and all the benefits and the differences between coffees

  4. I’m not a great coffee drinker but when I do I like to go high end as you really notice the difference. Thanks to this post I now know about defects and gourmet coffee requirements. I look forward to learning more

  5. I am a coffee lover and I never thought about what kind of coffee I am taking till reading this post seriously. But now I will make sure the coffee is gourmet and will keep in mind the procedure too. Great Post!

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