Climate Change – Affects coffee and everyone

Climate change is a reality, you can see it everywhere. Some people still think is not here yet or it will be in a few years, but the truth is, that is happening now. The climate change affects you, coffee, agriculture and everyone… here We discover it how in a moment, just keep reading.

What is Climate change?

Climate changeClimate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period (i.e., decades to millions of years). Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather within the context of longer-term average conditions, from Wikipedia. I have been coffee farmers from over 25 years now We have seen all this weather patterns change in the last years, and this is happening worldwide.

Coffee farmers are struggling with this for years and not just coffee farmers but all types of farmers, and believe is getting worst every year. We have to do something. It is affecting world wide we need to do something to stop this and save the planet. In last few years temperature arise 1 Celsius degree and you can see all this is doing, fires, extreme weather, strong hurricanes, blizzards, melting polar ice caps, and so on. Please read this to see what can we do to help and spread the word to everybody you know.

But how can affect us?

extreme wheater conditionsWell I will speak as a farmer and a regular person, because sometimes when some scientists try to explain something a lot of us don’t understand what their talking about. So let me tell some points and you tell me if you have noticed some changes too, well here we go:

  • Temperature. It has increased 1 degree in the last few years, and this has made the ice of the poles melt, the summers are hotter, the tides have increased, the water level has risen, the winters have become shorter, the rains are less, it is the famous greenhouse effect.
  • The season have changed. In my country winter no longer arrives when it should be, nor summer, the duration has changed, this implies less rain for crops and a big problem to produce and live from agriculture.
  • The El Nino and La Nina effects are more pronounce. In a few words the boy effect is when in winter there is little rain and there are droughts, and that of the girl is when it rains too much.
  • The temperature in ocean currents has increase.
  • This implies several things, the migration of certain marine species is affected, such as that of whales, seals, fish, etc. In addition hurricanes and waterspouts are stronger because of this and will continue to increase their strength, in the coming years.
  • Plants suffer from extreme heat and lack of water.
  • Decrease in food production.
  • The aquifer mantles go deeper and because of this there will be lack of water.
  • Arctic sea ice decline.
  • Extreme weather.
  • Global warming

These are some problems that are causing the climate change and everything will be increasing and getting worse but we do something to stop it. Have you noticed any of this, it is happening now.

How Climate change affect coffee?

coffee tree infected by rust fungusThe coffee tree is very sensitive to changes in the soil and in the micro climate where it is grown, for example in 2005 the volcano Ilamatepec erupted in Santa Ana, El Salvador, where is our coffee farm and something changed in the soil that changed the coffee taste at the point that when I cupped the coffee, all coffee qualities was different, had changed.

Then the climate change, global warming, the lack of rain in winter, the increase of coffee diseases such as rust and anthracnose, affects the quality of the cup of coffee we drink as well as coffee production.

Now what used to call low ground or Central Standard this is from 0 meters to 600 meters above sea level, it is not longer produces coffee because it is very hot, not alike years ago; the high grounds or H.G. (High Grounds) or 601 meters above sea level to 1000 meters above sea level, now produces less coffee than years ago as well and its lowered quality is also looking like a Central Standard and Strictly High Ground or S.H.G., it goes from 1001 meters above sea level, onward have also lowered their production, in some cases also its quality, we have diseases at this height that we didn’t have before as the fungus of the rust, that is causes a lot of damage at the coffee farms of S.H.G.

This is happening now and just rise 1 degree Celsius, what happens if it rises more nobody knows.

What causes it?

  1. internal forcing mechanisms. Ocean-atmosphere variability you can see this with all the trash is in it, over fishing areas, some areas are dying, all the marine ecosystem is changing and CO2 because of us this has arisen and is helping to the climate changing go faster, also destroy forests due to indiscriminate felling like Amazons jungle.
  2. External forcing mechanisms. In this we can’t do much is something we not control so I mentioned because is good to know about it: orbital variation, solar output, volcanic and plate tectonics.

What We can do to stop it, or Is it too late?

I think We can do a lot to stop this because we need to start taking care about our planet and We need to take care our cultivation lands if not we will have problems with food, water, fruits, coffee, etc. and I personally don’t want that to happen. I lived from the coffee and I don’t like to lose it, is being around us a long time.

Well Let’s see what we can do, and remember if one person start to do this in their communities around the world I think we still have chance to stop it and reverse it. So Let’s start and if I forget one please let me know in the comment area below:

    1. Let’s plant trees everywhere
    2. Stop throwing trash to the ocean it is killing the earth
    3. Let’s help stop the pollution everywhere
    4. Reduce emissions
    5. Recycle
    6. inform and teach others about it
    7. Lets save energy
    8. Don’t throw water away
    9. We need to keep our farms, forests, jungle, etc. earth need them as well as we do
    10. Reduce or eliminate red meats from your diet, the production of red meat generates tons of greenhouse gas emissions -such as CO2 and methane- and occupies large portions of land, causing serious damage to the environment. Moreover, they spend between 500 and 3,000 liters of water for the production of a single kilo of meat, I didn’t know of this and I love meat but we need to do something.

It’s now or never.

it is now or never

An investigation by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that the planet could cross the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius – above critical levels – in just 12 years, which in its opinion, would entail to a “global catastrophe”.

Abnormal climatic conditions such as extreme droughts, forest fires, floods or food shortages for hundreds of millions of people could be only the first symptoms.

  • Why 2030 is the deadline for humanity to avoid a global catastrophe
  • The domino effect that can turn Earth into a greenhouse irreversibly

To avoid that situation, according to specialists, the world needs “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” according to BBC

If you like this please leave a comment down here and help to do something to save the planet.

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  1. Felix, I agree with you that we all need to take care of the environment. And if we each play our part climate change will have a positive effect rather than a negative one on our environment. Coffee is important to our health and we should try to save mother earth. Very informative article.

  2. Interesting information and the growing of coffee and the altitudes at which it grows, including the environmental impact climate change has on coffee.

    • Thank you I hope you learn something about how climate change affect the environment specially in the agriculture, Do you think we need to do something?

  3. wow I love coffee and your message is very interesting.
    I am a great believer in helping the environment, doing the basic like what you mentioned will truly impact our planet in a positive way. Thank you sharing your message it was a great knowledge.

    • Thank you thats exactly what I want to let everyone know whats going on and how to help our planet is in our hands please spread the word

  4. It is really scary what is happening world wide, and we really all need to take a serious look at our habits and look at ways in which we can all help to save the planet.

    After all our food sources, namely farming are in danger, and if there are no more farms, as it is getting harder and harder to farm, there will be no more food either.

    Thank you for this wake up call, and I wish more people would take this a seriously as you do. I could not imagine life without coffee either.

    • Exactly and the worst part is that a lot of people aren’t aware of is crazy, please help to spread the word

  5. Thank you for giving us a personal view of what climate change is doing to the world. Too many of us, me included, have not really experienced any hardships that result from climate change. So it’s been easy to not feel like imminent change is needed. But 2030 is so close!  All of us need to make changes and support initiatives to help us avoid a global catastrophe. 

    • yes this is the thing the time is up we need to act now thats the crazy part, so please help spread the word to make people aware of this

  6. The adverse effect of climate change on the environment is something that needs a global collective effort to normalize. We all seem to complain because the impact on us is not comfortable at all but the issue is whilst others are doing well to minimize pollutants into the environment, others are busily causing more damage because of selfish gains. 

    Until the entire world rise with a united front, it will be difficult to even reduce our current fluctuations by 0.5 degrees Celsius. On a personally level we can cultivate the habit of green chemistry and I wouldn’t have to worry about losing coffee anymore. Thanks for your information. 

    • Yes sadly it is the reality thats why we need to make an effort to awake people of what is happening now, please help to spread the word

  7. Hi Felix! I like the link you have established between coffee and climate change. Before reading your post I thought “How could they be linked?” But you have indeed pointed out some great facts. Coffee plants are sensitive to all these climate changes.

    I also commend your efforts calling out for awareness concerning this terrible issue that affects us all. Information worth sharing! Thank you very much!

    • Thanks thats is because I am farmer and I am been follow the weather really close for so many years and I can see all the changes all around the world please help to spread the word

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