About us

Welcome to becomecoffeesmart.com I want to share all my knowledge and experience about Coffee and all that surround this big community.

Our story…

I am in the coffee business since the 50s and we have always worked our farms no matter what: times of war, with diseases such as rust, in times of crisis, we have always fought for the coffee of El Salvador. In 2008, I began to market our coffee and for that we entered the competition, Cup of Excellence with a variety of gourmet coffee called Pacamara and we passed to the international auction and thanks to this we entered into the world of the specialty coffees and started exporting directly to buyers from the United States and Europe at very competitive prices.

In 2009, we founded CANPO, when we realized that the coffee that most Salvadorans consumed was of poor quality, because all export quality coffee was sent to other countries where it is very appreciated to date, so we gave ourselves the task of leaving high quality coffee in our country for local consumption and educating people by letting them know how good our coffee is, the great quality it has and the benefits for your health. With our own efforts we started in 2010 our own roasting and started to market our coffee with the quality of export here in our country that everyone deserves to consume.

We have several brands that are marketed in several areas of El Salvador market, especially in Walmart, Despensas de Don Juan and Maxidespensas, our brands are: Cafe Don Salva Gourmet and cafe Koatepeque.

Where are our farms?

Now CANPO is a group of companies that are committed to educate and teach about the quality of Salvadoran specialty coffee especially in our country and in the world, we are also committed to the environment with each bag that sells a part goes for the planting of trees in different parts of the western part of the country. The coffee farm have our own variety of hybrid coffee called Portillo coffee in honor of Salvador Portillo, who discovered it and is a rust-resistant variety that has a large cup. Our farms are 1,400 meters above sea level and our coffee grows in 30% under shade and are located in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range in front of Lake Coatepeque, one of the few volcanic lakes in the world, near the volcano Ilamatepec or volcano of Santa Ana.

Our goal is….

Our coffee is roasted every week to ensure that it is always fresh and maintain the quality that our customers deserve.

I am totally committed to the quality of our coffee and our brands so that each client is totally satisfied, and that everyone knows the quality of Salvadoran coffee. We can also sell certified organic coffee, rain forest, gourmet, etc. We offer special packaging such as vacuum pack and green coffee, what the customer wants and needs and couching entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve their practices in their farms or if they want to make a new ventures.

I am here to do business whenever you want and share all my experience with you, we hope we can serve you in the best way